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Whats the benefit of having more green in our home!?

By Mikki Birnbaum

Why we should all have more plants in our life & our home!?

As more of us live the urban life, greening up has become a vital wellbeing issue. Think about it: from the house to the car to the office and back again, how much nature did you get today?

Adding just five humble pot plants to your living room has the potential to increase air quality by 75 per cent and mental wellbeing by 60 per cent. Plant-filled environments are restorative to our senses, help lower our stress levels, improve our mood and can even help us focus better – and that applies to everyone, from little kids to the elderly.

If your new plants go the same way nana’s cactus did, don’t freak out – it doesn’t mean you’re a black thumb. Try to understand what happened to the plant to make it turn its toes up and don’t do it again! Plants are not objects. They’re living, breathing beings who change and evolve every single day, just like us. Observing them closely, and seeing how they respond to different environments, watering regimes, fertiliser, will help you to know and understand how to love them best.

I mindfully look at the depth of green, notice the way the leaves may move and if I can, try to notice the lines in the detail of the leaves. This is a mindful escape, an opportunity to be present and focus on something that makes me feel calm and within nature.

See you at the nursery!

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