Renovating Investment Homes vs. Forever Homes

By Mikki Birnbaum

A concept is like a theme, a feeling, a look, a style. When selecting one for your renovation, choose what you connect with – choose a style that you love, and you’ll always love it.

Investment home vs forever home: Identify your market:

When it comes to investment properties, you are designing for the masses so make sure you follow these key points:

  • Choose finishes that will not polarise potential buyers. For example, even though you love red, a red feature wall won’t be to everyone’s taste!
  • When designing your bathroom floor plans, always include a bath somewhere as you don’t want to eliminate families from your pool of potential buyers.
  • Wardrobes are always a budget breaker, so consider installing good-quality polyurethane-finished doors. Install them as sliders rather than hinged doors. You still get that designer look, but for much less.
  • When selecting appliances, go for quality brands but don’t overdo it. Real estate agents will often list the brand of kitchen appliances in the marketing so make sure it is a reputable brand.
  • When selecting carpets, it’s okay to spend a little less, however by upgrading your underlay it can make an average carpet feel amazing.

Investment home vs forever home: Cost-saving tips:

It’s vital that you strike a balance between good design and cost-saving decisions when designing for your investment property. You need to make it appealing but also stay within the budget! Some key tips are:

  • When designing your kitchen, reduce the amount of drawers and replace them with cupboards as drawers are more expensive.
  • In the bathroom, whilst smaller individual tiles look amazing the cost of the tiler’s labour can go through the roof so stick to larger sizes for the majority of walls and splurge on a feature tile on one wall to keep costs under control.
  • When it comes to carpet, there are so many gorgeous solution dyed nylons on the market that are so soft and luxurious yet more cost-effective than 100%-wool carpets.
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