Semi’s an Original Winner

By Phillip Elmowy

Imagine winning the lottery during the Great Depression. What would you do? Elizabeth Stirton bought herself a boat ride to the Maroubra Cup and a semi in Maroubra. It was 1934.

Eighty-eight years later, the property is changing hands. One of Elizabeth’s seven children, Betty lived in the property until her death at 84 last year. Betty’s brother Mark said while it was sad, the house should belong to a young family again.

“I’d like to see a nice family or a couple with children move in,” he said. “It’s got ready access to schools, and to the Junction.”

When Mrs Sturton passed away many of her neighbours attended her funeral. “She was very well liked in the street,” Mr Stirton said. It’s a sign of the close-knit community in Wise Street, which is just a minute’s walk from Maroubra Junction.

Mr Stirton said all of his siblings loved the Maroubra area, and lived there for a long time. In fact, Mr Stirton used to live across the street from his childhood home. “All of us just got used to living in this area. I virtually lived at the surf,” he said.

After graduating from Maroubra Junction School, three of the Stirton children made names for themselves in the police force. Betty Stirton was the first female to serve in the Commonwealth Police Force, and rose through the ranks to head up the crime squad.

The two-bedroom home is in original condition, complete with a floor-to-ceiling rainforest artwork in the living room. And while renovation is in order, buyers will love the immaculate garden, where years of care have produced an enviable rose garden.

The property will be auctioned on Wednesday, February 22, at 6.30pm.

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